Craft Friday: Paper and hobby jewelry

Craft Friday is a 2012 recurring blog post
where I present either a hobby jewelry technique
or project I'm currently working on.

As a book lover (oui, a real bibliophile, c'est moi) I love the whole thing about paper. Especially printed paper. Just like there's some people who love certain types of food/colors/sports or the like, you can love certain types of papers.

I love certain types of paper.

Not too thin, not too thick, not smelling of anything else than just the paper and the ink (because some pocket books smell like turpentine and cheap ink, yuck!), with a nice sort of porous surface that your fingers can just dance over as you turn the pages.... oh sorry, I didn't realize I was creeping you out!  Moving on! 

It all brings me to this:

Rest in pieces, you poor printed book.
Know that you have served me well.

If it's of any consolation, the book (bought second hand) was put to rest as humanely as possible. It's book jacket furs are currently found in the possession of Linn, (if she still have them?), and everything else has slowly been used up in various scrapbook and papercraft techniques.

Paper beads. That's what this is about. And slightly also about decoupage.

As I wrote last Wednesday, I've made some paper beads using different papers. I've tried glossy magazine paper and the printed kind of papers you see in the photo. And I've made a list of things I still need to finish this "paper jewelry project" I'm working on. (Yes Tove, I have a list :) There's no end to them...)

Since making paper beads isn't actually that hard to do, I googled around and read some blogs about what people actually do with paper when they create jewelry. So far, the things I've read can be summarized into this:

1. beads made out of paper (what I wrote about on Wednesday)
2. beads and decorations made out of papier maché
3. beads coated in paper, with the decoupage technique

Now, before Christmas I happened across the web page of Kelly Alexandra. And I must say, I want to try out how to make decoupage on beads the way she gets them to look. Because they look amazing. These images are all from the gallery on her web page:

Kelley Alexandra; Hand-decoupage paisley
beads with African domino trading beads. 

Kelley Alexandra; Ebony and Chinese
newsprint decoupage beads.

Kelley Alexandra; Pewter and Chinese
newsprint decoupage beads.

I'm gonna try it out first with really thin paper (I have some rice paper with strawberry prints that I bought just for this) and then progress to thicker paper (like the pages of the book above) depending on the results. The problem will be to try and keep the decoupaged beads from having air bubbles and collecting dust as they dry. The base will have to be these wooden beads I've got, beads that I have no intention of using as they are. 

Until I do, there won't be any photos, so there'll be another post about them once I've tried it all out.