The fifth thing you didn't know about me

The Truth about me Thursday is a 2012 recurring blog post
where I present one truth about myself.

I'm one of those (slightly insane?) persons who just assume that some friendships will never change.

Now that I've actually gone and written that down, it looks really stupid. I mean, come on, everything in this world is constantly changing, so of course friendships also do. But still...

... I assume that even though I last spoke with you over the phone in 2005, you'd still be willing to continue on exactly as we did then. After a slight update session, but still. I'm assuming that you are still as easy and jovial to talk with, that our major interests haven't changed, and that we'll be able to continue on from exactly that same relationship we had back then. I might let loose a little "oh!" when I hear that you've so suddenly (to me at least) gotten married/had kids/traveled the world/gained 100 kg/have a firm of your own.... but I just assume you're still, well, you.

I don't think it's because I'm conservative, or because I'm naive to assume such a thing is possible. (Naive? Am I naive?) Is it crazy to assume that I'll be able to be precisely as good - or as bad! - friends as we were however long ago?

I think, out of all the friends I have and have had so far, only Mimi shares this predicament with me. But I don't know if she assumes it's only between me and her, and not her and everyone else. I do know that we had a pause of 2 years (when we really didn't see one another, or call, or anything) and then just continued on from where we left off.

Is such behavior rare? Do you have any such friends and friendships? Or is it really me being insanely naive over here?