söndag 20 februari 2011

Candle with hearts

For the Mama-haaste nr 3, I came up with the idea of making a heart-themed candle. The things I used I listed previously.

Now, I've never done any sort of candles before, but I've saved a lot of 'stumps' from old candles. Why? Well... because some craft techniques use paraffin, and because I'm a slight craft hoarder. Ask anyone, they'll tell you the same. (Oh! Here's another one, too.)

Anyway, I started with melting the old stumps to get rid of the impurities and the wicks. This was done with a water bath (big glass jar in a pot with hot/boiling water). Since some of the candles were red left-over ones from our Valentine's Day dinner last Monday, the result was... pink :)

Next, I made I wick out of cotton thread, put it in the cleaned jar, and poured in the liquid candle-soup. I let it set (good thing it was cold outside!), and then painted the lid white. For decoration, I used red window-paint and drew hearts and lines on both the lid and the jar.

I think the result was pretty cute :) And, the allegory of how both love and friendship makes your heart warmer is all present in this one, too!

Little candle jar.

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Leena sa...

Thank you for participating for the challenge! It is a joy to have some other craft styles participating, as well. This is the first candle ever!


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