Tulle and schottische

I was a little late for today's dance practice, but I couldn't be helped. I volunteered to help Mimi with making a tulle skirt. Which she needed for Friday. Making it took a few hours (4 h...) of experimentation, and I had to run for practice and leave Mimi to finish it.

I'll post a picture of it here, as soon as I'll get one. If it's done. Oh, I so hope it looks good.

There's a first time for everything, right? Likewise, we had schottische-practice today. Sofi taught/repeated with us the basic moves and some variations. After 2 h of jumping (schottishe is quite jumpy) I was a all hypoglycemic, and so was probably everyone else, too. So the last variation - "Stockholm shottis" - was skipped. But, no worries, I actually found a clip of it on You Tube :)

Sometimes, you really have to like the internet. Especially when it brings you videos of people (who're older/more experienced than you) dancing *grins*