Using wool in arts and crafts (MaMa haaste 2)

For this challenge, the theme was "wool". And I was at first at a TOTAL loss. I simply had no frigging clue as to what I was going to craft. My whole creativity went *poof* and flew out the window.

I mean, there's just so much you can do with wool. Wool, as an animal fiber, is extremely versatile. But, for once, I didn't want to knit or crochet something.

Maybe because that would have been... too easy?  Too simple? Perhaps?

Oh, later on I had all these thoughts about making:
  • a companion cube (tunisian crochet + felting) door stopper
  • a chess board (knitting + felting) with felted chesspieces
  • a brooch (again, felt), typically a sunflower
    • or then sunflowers needle felted onto something
  • decor on a wooden photo holder from IKEA
  • turn a little IKEA-lion into a yellow dragon (again, needle felting...)
  • something for jewelry, but felt or wool is not so nice against your skin, so...
And somehow, I still couldn't come up with something smart/funny/nice to create. Because I wanted something... that was really me, and not just I've seen that on another web page, let's try and make one of those. Oh dear...

But, one thing did stick with me from the list... the crazy idea of turning the little IKEA-lion into a dragon.

I had seen the IKEA hack of the "Barnslig" crocodile where it got a USB, and this crocodile is also from the 'old' soft toy line. What do you know, my soon-to-be-dragon is a vintage IKEA toy... holey moley!
This is the new IKEA "Barnslig" soft toy line.

Oh, I  did some research for this one. Because I really didn't want to find out that someone else had had the same idea and written about it online. So far, I haven't found anything, so I guess the idea is unique.