Bad links on the Internet

The following is not a true hobby of mine, but it's starting to become one.
You know that if you press a 'bad link' on a web page, and it doesn't take you anywhere, you get an error message. Sometimes it's just plain regular "Error 104 (connection failed)". And sometimes, your browser just inexplicably crashes. But at other times...

You might get:

When your feeds in Google Reader don't have anything new for you.

When Zynga's Farmville crashes.
This is an old pic I took while I still played that game.

On Ravelry ('the' site for knitters and crocheters) it appears as if
a sheep has something to do with it.
Oh, and you just have to lurv the "Well, this is embarrassing..." message you get when Firefox crashes.

So... what types of error messages have you come across?