I've been sewing...

... and for some strange reason, it's mainly been purses and bags. Main reason: I got to borrow Sally's sewing machine. One of these days I'll take mine to be repaired, but for now Sally's is more than adequate (it's divine, actually!) for me to occasionally borrow.

Pins! A world filled with pins - and small pains,
because I just keep on pinning and pricking myself...
Since I'm definitely the wrong person to ask for a sewing tutorial, I'll just be kind and post some photos and comments regarding this. A picture does say more than just just words, and if you're interested, then the girls at the purl bee and  Rebeka at artsy crafty babe have brilliant tutorials :)

One pattern I'll readily admit to have used is the Derek bag pattern. Another is the Back-to-school lunch bag.

Otherwise, the deal is pretty simple. All it takes is:
  • a (working...) sewing machine
  • scrap cotton fabrics, bought cheaply, from IKEA
    • I've been using 1 (Elisabet) and 2 (Ditte; white and yellow) for the outer layers and 3 (Bomull) for the lining
  • coffee packages (thick, printed aluminum foil that doesn't tear easily)
  • ribbons, zippers, other embellishments....

Purse with granny square on.
Purse with tiny granny squares.
The fabric is a rest fabric I inherited from my paternal grandmother Laura's stash.
Inspired by the Derek bag, this one has a logo from one of my old T-shirts.
One I printed on it myself, and couldn't bear to throw away
when the T-shirt was turned into scrap cloth.
Again, the Derek bag pattern.

I actually made two of these.

This one is teeny tiny, and it still needs to get some buttons.
A large one, made especially for summer picnics!
You know, when you need to have a bag for all the food
and still have room for a huge blanket.
It has a pocket, because a pocket is never wrong.
Mom, do you remember this button?
It was on my favorite sweater back in elementary school....

This one, a small bag I no use for my dancing shoes, was done like the Back to school lunch bag.

Organza gift bags in various sizes.
Totes for half-done knitting projects.
The 'bike thingies' are iron-on applique logos I'd gotten in
a bought "surprise"-bag from a textile store.
Well, that was it. More sewing to come in the following weeks - promise!