Saturday night's arts and craft party

This Saturday, one of the girls in Nekku is gonna host a sort of "arts and crafts"-party at her apartment. Excluding the obvious fact that it will be fun - hey! what could be better than a crafting party! - she's doing it because she'd like to empty her crafting stashes a bit before she's moving to Helsinki. Apparently, her stash is several boxes worth of 'crafting stuff'.

So, the deal here is that you go to the party, you get inspired to do some small/medium projects, you have fun with the participants, and by the end of the evening you pay her a symbolic sum for the materials you've used. Smart, efficient, and fun. At least, I think so.

She took a few photos of all the stuff she'd like to "get rid of", and ... well, that was 40 pictures worth of stuff. Now, before you wonder and exclaim "wtf?", I must say that she didn't put up any pictures of her jewelry-crafting things, and that she apparently has at least one more box with just fabrics. And I already was terrible enough and asked if I could reserve some of the things... just in case someone else gets inspired by the same things and I don't get to do what I would like to craft...

How... addicted that must seem. Certainly to you, and a bit also to me. Just a tiny bit, mind you.

So now, I'm just gonna cite and end this entry.

"Crafter or Hoarder - it's a fine line".

*please, Goddess, let me still be on the crafter side of the line, pretty please?*