New jewellry

These ones I got from Riikka, when she hosted the craft night. Just thought I should share, since I really liked the design of these pieces.

The earrings look heavy, because of the porcelain bead, but they actually feel quite light when you have them on. The bracelet again feels really soft against your skin, since the felt pieces (yes - it's craft polyester felt!) is wider than the beads between them. It also makes it completely silent since it doesn't clink when you move your hand, or clonk when you put your hand down on a hard surface.

Functional design, to say the least. I'm envious that I haven't thought of making anything similar myself :)
Yet. But I think I'll try, now that I've seen a bit of what you can do with the technique. And I haven't even brought up the topic of Riikka's marble necklace...

Mixed findings earrings.
Felt bracelet.
Since it was so sunny outside today,
I asked Micke to take a photo of me with them on.