Today, I'm officially turning 28 years old.

*hooray! singing and dancing in the streets!*

We're gonna have my birthday party at this café I like, it's called Bossaliina. And I'm so happy that I'll be able to have cake and tea and don't have to do the dishes afterwards. And I hope that people will have a wonderful time with me there - it might get a liiiiiittle crowded, but where there's love, there's also room.

I haven't asked people for any presents, mainly just that they attend and have a coffee or two, but since I'm trying to save up for a dishwasher, I'm collecting cents/buttons/wallet lint for my "Dishwasher fund" (it's a little pink piggybank with the word Diskmaskinsfonden on the side).

I'll post some pictures here after the party :)

later edit:

I think my party was a success! The cake was very sunny (lemon cheesecake with yellow topping), and I got candles on it, too. I asked people to take a few pictures, since I was having too much fun to remember to take any good ones. Still, down below are some good ones I managed to take during the day. I asked Petter if I could have the good one he managed to take during the evening :)

On a different note, I'm still in a bit of chock that people were so hugely generous. Okay, "a bit of shock" is to tone it down, because when I think about I feel slightly dazed:

120 euro!

Little piggy bank, all decked out and ready to head out to party.
This is so cool! Someone had made the HUGE snow pile
outside the cathedral into a giant snow fort :)
Lunch at Tintå with Mom and Dad. Sallad buffée, nom!
Presents! New buttons for my button collection :)
Maria gave me the wooden ones in the upper left corner
(along with the cute little note :P) and Mimi the rest.