I'm so clumsy

Since I went dancing yesterday, and then stayed up until 4 a.m. after that ... drinking tea and talking crap with the girls :) ... on Sunday morning, needless to say I've been all butterfingers today.

Today has been such an extravaganza in being clumsy, it's almost embarrassingly funny. I've managed, in no particular order, since the dance event, to:

  • spill tea on myself about four times, mostly on my right pant leg
  • dip the yarn I was knitting with into my tea cup
  • tea undrinkable after that, the acid color in the yarn hadn't bonded that well (apparently)
  • giggle stupidly at everything that went wrong today
  • comment on the fact that it's the third time I've eaten cake in three days
    • get the comment "you had your birthday, it's allowed"
  • sew a bag, but leave a pin inside. I had to cut a little hole to get it out.
  • get thrown out of a restaurant/bar
  • leave my debit card at home (makes for a cheap evening out)
  • open up my purse while it being upside down, and have all my crafting belongings fall all over a museum floor.
  • then wait until the girls stopped laughing, rise from my chair, only to have the things I had in my lap fall on the floor too
  • sew, only managing to break the thread about 5 cm from the finish. Then accidentally manage to throw the needle on the floor.
  • dip the thread in tea
  • paint my crafts' toolbox. And myself, and the desk.
Today has, so far, been interesting. A lot of the action has involved tea, so people: tread lightly around this brew today!