Lace in arts and crafts (MaMa haaste 4)

Oh dear, oh dear.... She's chosen lace for the next project. And I'm so not a lace-using-kind-of-person.

How am I gonna come up with something for this challenge? Let's see... when I think of lace, I see:
  • gothic black lace on a corset
  • lace on undergarments
  • Marie Antoinette-like grand ball gowns
  • Queen Elisabeth-type collars
  • Hand-held fans, painted in gaudy colors
  • 17th and 18th century clothes
... is it just me, or do I seem to just associate lace with clothes? Let's try a bit more:
  • pillow covers with lace on the sides
  • parasols with lace around the brim
  • table cloths
  • old granny bedclothes
... this is getting nowhere. Let's see what inspiration Google can bring me.

Lots of interesting stuff, I think I like these shoes and this bag with lace decor, and the wedding cake with a lace pattern the best. Then on the other hand, this dress in kinda nice too. And I didn't know there's a flower named Queen Anne's lace, either.

Or how about this: a genuine lace fence!

They call it "industry meets kindness". Wow.
I wonder if I could just decorate one of my pieces of clothes with some lace. Maybe the gray skirt with some black, or my white shirt with some white?