Today, Nekku was in the paper

I know you all know about the concept 15 minutes of fame, but I'm still proud and very glad that the small knitting circle Nekku (which I'm a member of) is in today's paper. Local Turku free press paper, Aamuset, but still. I'm in the paper! On a picture! Quoted!

*takes a deep breath*

Inari (co-founder of Nekku) wrote about the article on both Nekku's Facebook wall, and on Nekku's blog. I found it hilarious that she'd written, and I quote (translated):

Now I can officially (really!) quote myself, and with references:
"Kakut ovat iloinen asia."
- Inari (Aamuset 9.2.2010.)

(cakes are a happy thing)

Now I can, too, quote myself from the paper. I find it really funny that I can do that now, in FINNISH. :) It's good that the journalist wrote that I'm knitting with the girls also to improve my Finnish language fluency. It's still true, so why not comment on it?

If you want to, you can find the whole paper online at Aamuset's homepage. Just click on the tab "Näköislehti", and you'll be taken to their archive. I just printed the article in question here under.

I'm so glad the "headline cake" is bigger than the picture of us girls.
Cakes are way much more mouthwatering than happy girls knitting/crocheting.
Even though we all are really lovely :P