V-Day dinner

Since Sunday's knitting event I've been like a bumblebee on sugar. No concentration, and just buzz buzz n' buzz. So annoying. It might be because of all the sugar I stuffed myself with during the weekend and on Monday though. Maybe I'm having the sugar-DTs? Not likely though, that would be awful.

I'd asked (read: begged) Micke not to play any of his silly games on Monday, because I wanted us to celebrate Valentine with a romantic dinner and some quiet. Oh, we had dinner, a really good dinner. So good in fact, that we both had to lie down for a while afterwards. Maybe a huge sallad, oven-baked salmon and potatoes (yes, potatoes...) and the panna cotta for desert was a liiiiittle too much. At least my stomach felt like a bar on Friday: too much happening in a too small space.

Floating red and heart-shaped candles.
Mmm... dessert with pink/lilac heart-shaped gumdrops.
Salad, salmon and oven-baked potatoes. Served with chilled sparkling wine.