cont. Craft night

To briefly comment, since I just have to, about the crafting that went down yesterday.

I thought I would come last (I arrived at 14:30ish), but I was first. If Maija doesn't count, because she was gonna stay the night at Riikka's. And I left last (at 01:00ish. And I created most stuff. And I was the one who spread out  and took up most space.

In retrospect, I'm not really surprised, but I'm still slightly embarrassed about it.

...but on the other hand, I feed the happy hippo Beethoven fund with 20 euros, so maybe Riikka doesn't hate me too much.

The happy hippo Beethoven fund.
Along with everyone's empty tea cups.
And I really do appreciate the fact that Riikka and Maija both helped me with the bag project. I had it with me today to the Sunday Nekku meeting :)