torsdag 24 februari 2011

Tulle and schottische

I was a little late for today's dance practice, but I couldn't be helped. I volunteered to help Mimi with making a tulle skirt. Which she needed for Friday. Making it took a few hours (4 h...) of experimentation, and I had to run for practice and leave Mimi to finish it.

I'll post a picture of it here, as soon as I'll get one. If it's done. Oh, I so hope it looks good.

There's a first time for everything, right? Likewise, we had schottische-practice today. Sofi taught/repeated with us the basic moves and some variations. After 2 h of jumping (schottishe is quite jumpy) I was a all hypoglycemic, and so was probably everyone else, too. So the last variation - "Stockholm shottis" - was skipped. But, no worries, I actually found a clip of it on You Tube :)

Sometimes, you really have to like the internet. Especially when it brings you videos of people (who're older/more experienced than you) dancing *grins*

4 kommentarer:

Waenthoronien sa...

...but they actually skip one part of the dance in that video! There's a fourth part where the man is supposed to lift the lady and make a full turn with her in his arms in the "omdansningen". And, heh, it's really not that much fun to do when you're a girl doing the leading :S

Linnea "Ea" Grönstrand sa...

Oh no! Good thing you said that, because otherwise I would have thought that this was the whole dance. No wonder it looked a bit... well, easy.

I'm not wondering why they've skipped that part here, though. It's one thing to jump around and lift one another when you're young and 'spry', and these folks look... pretty set in their ways with gravity. So, can't blame them for chickening out, I suppose :)

Waenthoronien sa...

True, true, I was going to say that but I forgot :) I mean, even I find it tricky to be lifted for four whole beats... :)

Mia/Maria sa...

O tro nu bara inte att stockholmschottis var det enda till som finns som ni inte dansade. Vänta bara... ;)


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