tisdag 18 januari 2011


Something is dying outside, and it doesn't smell nice. Before you get all shocked, I immediately confess that I'm talking about the snow. The weather has suddenly turned to "fake-spring", bringing us a lousy 0 degrees C and moist air. So, all the snow is dying.

It's dripping from every roof, making puddles on the sidewalks, making folks walk like ducks (both to stay afloat and to keep themselves from slipping) and freezing. It feels a lot colder when the air is moist, than when it's really cold (below zero).

Old snow, dying, smells awful. All the things that were hidden in the heaps are slowly coming forth, and with the humid air it feel pretty much like walking into a fine mist of dispersed yuck.
Old snow, dying, looks pretty awful too. All gray, and the different colors between black and brown. Oh, a spot of yellow at some places (dogs, gotta love them), but a pretty boring color scheme otherwise. Combined with the gray overcast sky, it's pretty homogeneous.

Why do people talk about winter depression, when they also should be talking about "fake-spring" depression?

And to stop you from feeling sympathy for me, I must confess I haven't been able to stop smiling and making stupid jokes since the weekend. So, even though the weather is depressing, I'm not.
I'm just being an ass :)

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Waenthoronien sa...

My thoughts exactly concerning winter, snow, and spring. Luckily we didn't have that much snow over here, so the last few sunny days felt like real spring. (Since yesterday afternoon it's been drizzling, though, so I'm back to believing it's really just autumn, still...)


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