Monday ö_ö

Some people find it terribly important to comment upon the fact that the week starts with a "Monday". And how a "Monday" usually depicts a day filled with failure, dread, depression and/or lack of energy. Some people have serious "Monday depressions" (swe. måndagsmorkkis).

But this post isn't about my 'måndagsmorkkis'. Au contraîre, because even though I ate bad food on Sunday and didn't have a good night's worth of sleep, I'm still gonna try to make this a good day. No, not good... a splendid day. How about that. Even though my stomach (and the things attached to it...) hates my, well, guts. Literally.

ö_ö (this is supposed to symbolize how I look innocently blinking my eyes)

And now, for something completely different.

My brother got himself a cat, even though he's allergic. This cat is named after the Russian word for "meat pirogue": Camca (the c is said like an s). Or something close to that, I don't know how it's supposed to be written, but he writes it like that.
My brother has become, seemingly over night, a total cat person. He even put the cat on Catbook (like Facebook, but for cats).
I don't get it.
But I might, once we finally decide to have dogs and kids in this house.