"Sharing" has somehow evolved itself to become one of the more important words in our western culture after the year 2000. But, don't be alarmed and click "next", I won't even try to summarize or comment on the whole concept of social networking or online/irl community sharing. That's a blogpost for another day. Preferably a rainy one.

What I want to say, instead, is just a tiny comment on something I read yesterday. On one of the blogs I read, someone wrote how [it would be nice to have someone to share stuff with, like all those in relationships do]. After being together with Micke now for1738 days (thats 4 years, 9 months and 2 days if I include today)
(I needed this to do the calc), I must say there are still some things I don't share with him. Mostly it's silly stuff *, but there is one thing you do learn pretty quickly about sharing things is relationship. It's that

guys worry.

Like, all the time. And, since their nature wants most of them to be problem solvers, they then (sometimes a  bit needlessly) start to worry about things that have no importance in the long run. Guys who really love their women find themselves worrying when she's feeling depressed. Thus, in their worrying, they too start to feel depressed. One endless cycle later: ...woman is depressed because man is depressed because....
You get the picture I'm painting. It's a black and white. And so, you (as the woman) learn to keep certain things hidden.

Nevertheless, I must say yesterday's "trying-to-cheer-up-my-boyfriend"-thing went rather well. We laughed ourself to sleep.

And on that note, "elephant jokes".

If you start telling bad elephant jokes to your depressed/worried partner before trying to sleep, neither of you will find it hard to giggle. Afterwards, not even when our downstairs neighbor started playing music at 2 a.m. could I get quite mad.

On that note, you go and run a google-search on "elefant vitser" or go check out this page (English), or this one (Norwegian). Or this one (Swedish). Either way, I promise you'll shake your head and wonder about 'other peoples bad humor'.

* Like things I thought of in the shower, or what I think of his way to hang up our washed underwear, or that he shouldn't have had that last beer because now he'll get a hiccup, or.... well, you know, silly stuff.