Thursday @_@

Exciting stuff on such a regular Thursday!

First, I got to do the washing. Boy, the clothes pile that needs to go into the washing machine just doesn't get  any smaller! Why is that, I wonder...? And why are always my best lingerie and 'good' clothes there when I want them.
And the poor machine is STILL making these awful sounds. It sounds like it's on it's last centrifuge every time. It helps to not over-load it, but I can still "see" a repairman in our future...

Secondly, the knitting circle "Nekku" that I knit/crochet/make-stuff in at the café Bossaliina had a visit from a reporter from Aamuset today. She interviewed us girls, and asked simple things like "what are you currently knitting/making?", "do you also like other activities, like cooking?". We also had a small poll as to how many people had taken coffee/tea/other beverage to go along with the knitting. If I remember correctly, tea won. Yay! And I, poor schmuck, had taken cocoa. Normally I drink tea like there's no tomorrow.
Anyway, it was fun. And I bet that at least I am gonna look awful in the photos she took of us. I usually do, but that's okay. I'm used to it: my hair is a mess in this soggy weather :)

Thirdly, I had to (once again) run away from my crocheting to dance with the Otakt-group. Today was special, as we had the yearly "julgransplundring" (eng. the robbing of the Christmas tree). We danced many different dances, and I'm really glad for my -real- dancing shoes. The ones I bought for the Independence ball in December. Super comfy now that I've used them enough - they don't chafe at all anymore.