Of yarn and such

I've looked through my stash of yarns. I've even organized it a bit, mainly to know what's actually just lint and what's "real" usable yarn. It took an entire afternoon, even though I didn't put up any of it on my "stash" page on Ravelry.

I realize I have yarn and crochet thread that I have no idea what they're made of, if they're washable above 40 degrees C, etc.

Yarn being organized... on the sofa in Micke's
work-room. There was -honestly!- no other room to do it in.
I needed the extra light... 
Cute, but not really my colors.
Exept maybe the browns.
Summa summarum:
  • There's a lot of really funny looking crochet and cotton yarn (inherited from aunt and grannies) that I should try to  come up with projects for.
  • Most of these have colors that ... aren't colors I would have chosen myself.
Ideas are needed, must get creative..... how else to "get rid" of them? Can't throw them away after all, that would be such a waste.

And! I've also recently:
    • bought a small knitting mill.
    • wanted to try out Tunisian crochet (swe. krokning)
Hello small knitting mill!
You're gonna help me get rid of all
 that funny thread I don't know how to
use otherwise...

More about this in the next post. Must try Tunisisan crochet now.