The "non-favorite" list of 2011

One of the founding members of (pieni) Neulekerho Nekku posted today on her own blog about her "non-fave" areas of arts and crafts. See, it does look impressive when you write founding member, or doesn't it Ikomi? :)
These "non-fave" things are supposed to be things and techniques that you yourself haven't yet wanted to try out, because of lack of time/childhood traumas/other personal reasons etc. The reason for the list is that YOU are supposed to try out these techniques during this year, and see if they were as bad/awful/armageddon as you imagined them to be.

The queen bee herself listed the following techniques:
Here comes my list of things to try:
Knitted colorwork (Fair-isle knitting)
Cross stitching
China painting
Felting/Needle Felting


I must say, she has me at a disadvantage, because out of these I've already tried out the 4 techniques I've underlined (see the list).
I've made 2 quilts (nr 1, nr 2), painted my own tea cups and plates, tried out felting (while in the girl-scouts) and I actually bought a set of felting needles in December. If it counts into "scrapbooking" that you make your own birthday/christmas/etc cards in various paper techniques, then I guess I've done that too. But, I've actually made a few real "scrapbooks" over the years, mostly while abroad. This because they make GREAT travel journals to read afterwards.

So... after some head banging, I've come up with this list (and listed my reasons as to the why):
Fair-isle knitting and Intarsia
(argh, to many skeins and bobbles to keep track of!)
(Iuh, could anything be more granny-like?)
Cross stitching
(Okey, then it would be this. Goddess, how I hate needles.)
(Even more needles, and I can feel them creeping in under my nails!)
Cernit-clay sculpting
(Messy, smelly, and again: stuff under my nails!)
Seed pearl beadwork
(Again, too many small things to keep track of, as well as needles under my nail)

Now, I guess it's up to me to want to try them out.