Red wrist warmers

Seriously, it gets cold if you sit still for long hours (reading, writing on the computer). I, who at first were a little skeptic about wrist warmers, must say that I love these.

Last Tuesday, Pingevin was to Turku for a short visit, and I went with her to Käsityö-Elisa (a local yarn store) to see what they had on January sale. I lucked out, and found one skein of red, bulky wool/acrylic yarn.

One done, half the yarn on the skein left.
Tadaa! Done!
My own.  Worked as a rectangle, not in the round, mainly because I didn’t have 5 8mm needles.
 Cast on 18 st
Row 1-8: Ribbstitch (K1,P1…)
Row 9-39:  Knit one row, Purl one row…
Row 40-49: Ribbstitch

Long side towards one another, and sew together but leave 6-8 rows "open" in the seam for your thumb to peek out. The decorations (the hearts) were done by using a felting needle.
1 skein of red Rhiana Big (by Gedifra), cost 3 euros.
8 mm