Using buttons in crafts-jewelry (MaMa haaste 1)

I'm sure you know the concept six degrees of separation, but I'll still say this.

I follow some blogs, using Goggle reader. One of them is Jokkemaa, whose blog I started following because someone in my knitting circle happened to refer to her blog sometime ago. Jokkemaa had this post about a button ring she'd made, and she'd written how this was part of a challenge found on the blog of 37 tuntia vuorokaudessa. The challenge itself was pretty straightforward and simple: make something with buttons out of found things in your own stash of arts and crafts-stuff.

I thought "why not?", and then remember I had bought some red buttons from a flea market. And I actually had thought about turning them into a necklace, or earrings.
For inspiration, I once again looked at Ellen Gerritse's design button necklace (Leaping copper collar) in Contemporary Bead & Wire jewelry". The way she's put the "beads" (buttons) together is really innovative.

I also surfed around a little, and came across ArtsyCrafty babe's flower button. Other, more generic, designs online were done using string/wire, either in "typical" necklace fashion, or by using an opulence of buttons like itsalovelycake. You really should go see the pretty pictures and visit the web site!

And no, I don't have a necklace layout board.
More planning.
First half done.

Gluing pieces together, while attending "Nekku".