Friday o_O

Today, I'll be travelling to Kirkkonummi. I decided early on to take an early train, so it was lunch with Micke at 11, and then departure at 12 o'clock. It's nice to live quite close a train station. The train got delayed by 9 minutes (... I don't consider this to be a major catastrophe), but my folks still didn't have to wait terribly long for me at Helsinki central railway station.

White snow, white Helsinki Cathedral.
Mom and Dad wanted to see this art exhibition at the Bank of Finland today, but when we arrived, the queue was almost as long as halfway around the building.

Bank of Finland.
So we went to lunch instead. There's this restaurant called Zinnkeller quite close to the bank, so Germanic cuisine was on the menu. Me and Mom had fish, and Dad had the Wienershnitzel (of course).

Sorry guys, I took a stealthy picture of you at your best :)

After we'd gotten home to Kirkkonummi, I got invited over to Emma's place. And, as if it could ever have been avoided, my dad called (when I hadn't come home before 11 p.m.) to tell that maybe he should come get me, since he considered it unsafe for me to walk home the 500 m it's from Emma's to their house. This wasn't the first time that this has happened. I, yet again, had to make my point across that he was being both silly, and no, I would be fine walking home of my own.