Sunday D_D *yawn*

Oh me gosh. What a weekend! Hence the choice of headline. It was either that or "Partying like crazy with people you went to school with when you were little". I chose the one above.

I think the school reunion party was a huge success. I seriously everyone who attended had fun. Kudos to the organizers. It couldn't have been too easy, even though many of us could be found on Facebook.
... the location we had the dinner at was quite cold and drafty. Old building, winter (-17 degrees C outside), you do the math. Next time, I'll bring my ugliest but warmest woollen sweater.
... the "högstadie-limu-disko" dance after the dinner was a bit like the real thing. First, no one wants to dance, but after someone starts to, it's suddenly "okay" for everyone. The 'coolest' girls will still wait until the 3 last dances. I, on the other hand, was one of the 3 first. \o/ I'm so uncool.
... perhaps they should have *suggested* a bar/place for everyone to rendevouz at after we had to leave the hired local. It seemed like everyone split to leave for many locations. Although, for those with small kids, I understand that "home" was an okay choice of non-after-party. :)
... someone got a black eye from fighting back (note that underlined word there!) at the after-party at the Shake-bar. Apparently the police also came. I didn't see any little part of this, even though I was there. I must be blind.
... someone unloaded themselves a bit to me at one point during the evening. About if I could ever forgive, and not hate 'them' for teasing/mobbing me in school. It was a bit odd. But touching. No, I don't hate them. But I will forever hate when people do mob others. Life is like that.
... someone (Kaisa) hurt her hand. Actually fell and managed to rupture some vessels and hurt the muscle in her thumb. I called her, and she's on sick leave now because of it. My poor friend!
... I think most of us partied a little too hard, and had a "krapulapäivä" today.

Notes to self:
point 1.
Remember next time that Mom and Dad are worriers. This will never change. Dad will still warn you about using the cheese slicer and all other odd sorts of kitchen implements. Mom will phone you, and tell you in graphic detail, how she dreamt that something happened to you. When visiting, and going out for the evening, Mom and Dad will both worry. Nowadays Dad will fall asleep while waiting up for you to get home. Mom won't. Or can't.
Either way, when you stumble in at 4 am, smelling like a raccoon and looking akin to one, Mom has been tossing and turning in bed for the last 6 h, waiting for you to get home safely.

point 2.
Never tell Mom about all the "I got home by 7 am" parties you've attended.

point 3.
I apparently fail at man-repelling. Terribly, because I remember someone slapping my ass at the after-party.
4 women and at least 3 men gave me compliments regarding my choice of party-wear. No idea what the rest thought. The women used words like stylish, nice and cool. All the men said sexy.
The women, I think, have a larger vocabulary. The men might still just win this one, though.

point 4.
The raccoon-look-alike-after-party-look mentioned above is the one I should aim for before the party.

point 5.
Mom has lactose intolerance.
She's still in denial. (It's been 8 years).
Even though her stomach gets upset every day from Dad's cooking. She said she's having trouble sleeping, because of it. No wonder, when her stomach probably feels like a centrifuging washing machine on gas. Literally.
Her sisters (at least 2 of them) have it too.
They're also in denial.