Saturday +_+

Today I spent the morning and midday by taking the train with Emma and her mom to Åggelby. There we went to this yarn store called Lankamaailma. They "just happened" to have a yarn sale. They had a huge variety of yarn in different fibers, and I think I just have to try (sometime in the future) to use either milk or soy protein fiber yarn. They sure felt nice to the touch.

ALE is not beer! It stands for "Alennusmyynti", or sale.
It's "realisation" or rea in Swedish.
And this is just ONE row. You should see the other 5.
This evening, I'll be attending my middle school reunion. The picture is of me going to the party. I'm man-repelling a bit, but since I already have a man (!) I don't consider this a problem. Hope he doesn't either. Especially since he's not present.
I called him some hours before I left for the party, and the big news he had to tell were that he had eaten a HUGE takeout pizza and gotten a stomach ache. That's men for you; leave them alone for the weekend and they'll never cook. *sigh*

Do notice my red/white striped socks.
Mom took this picture. Go mom!
Next time, I'll try to take one myself :P
I bet I'm going to be real tired tomorrow.