Using ribbons in crafts

When you wrap up e.g. Christmas presents, and want to turn the packaging even more fancy, you can put one of those pretty bows (that look a little bit like stars) on the wrapping ribbon.

Well, turns out that there is a way to do them that doesn't make you go all berserk after 10 min of trying. Again, it was a trick. It always is.

Again, I was just browsing through peoples updates on Facebook, when I came across this ad on Lankabaari's Fb page:

Clower Bow maker, now only...

I looked at the picture, and then something said "ping!" in my head. Over to YouTube, where I came across this great video:

Again, "ping!" in my head, and a little while later I had cut some stencils out of some leftover soft plastic, that had previously been used for a book cover.

My new stencils.
Don't mind the done bow in the upper right corner,
I'll get to that in a while. But, remember it.
The ingredients.

Half-way done.
I used the smaller stencil for the smaller ribbon.
And, since you already saw the "done" bow,
I just show you here how I put a small fastening needle on the other side.