Tuesday -_-

Tuesday was such an awfully tiring day. It felt as if I walked around in a stupor the whole day.

But non the less, I went to this year's first dance practice. It was foxtrot, and I think it did me some good. It didn't matter that I had learned a lot of it at that dance camp in Taivassalo last autumn/winter, because I did need the repetition. Had totally forgotten how to do the half-point turn. Didn't help that I was tired, either. I couldn't concentrate as well as I should have. Dancing usually gives yo a buzz, but it didn't come this time.

I did come home really late though, because I stayed a while and talked with Tuula, and I think it was because of this, plus some stress, that her brother forgot his sweater, wallet and keys inside. The security guard on call had to come from 15 km away to open the door. Not so nice, but it was nicer because we all stayed to wait for him to get there. And Esko got his stuff, so it was okay.

The preliminary dance program for spring includes samba, salsa, bachata and Finnish tango. It will be nice to learn something new, as well as get to repeat some bugg and waltz.