First post of the new year 2011.

In the kitchen, coffee is being brewed for Micke. I've cleaned up, a little, and done some of the dishes.

In the living room, Micke is lying on the brown sofa, reading the second book in the Millenium-trilogy. He's got a headache, and has been feeling cold all morning. Not that I can see how that's possible, with all the socks/blankets/pillows around him. The waste basket beside him on the floor is slowly being filled with used tissues. His nose is like Rudolf's.

In the bathroom, the washing machine is humming. There's at least 4 more loads of laundry that needs to be done. Most of it is bed linen. Fever is not nice.

The whole house desperately needs to be cleaned, but  I'm going to go easy on myself and NOT start doing  that now. I need to get better first. Until then, the dust can rejoice and have parties in every corner and under the sofas. Little do they know...  *evil little smile*

In other words, new year is a Saturday like any other.