onsdag 26 januari 2011

Micromanaging your life

Still snow, but -10 degrees C now. Much better than 0 degrees.
Otherwise, this teeny tiny slope turns into a chute from hell.

There are times when all you do is try to keep up with all the things you are supposed to do. Some do this absolutely beatifically, while others manage... well, not so greatly. I used to be one of the former, but now I've gradually devolved into this creature that has either too little or too much to manage, and thus it seems as if nothing is managed at all.

I've come across the same theme in some of the blogs I read via Google Reader. Micromanaging, that is. Or just keeping oneself afloat, when life just wants to (seemingly) run you over like a steamroller. But, about managing.

Someone I know does this by making lists. She even writes these lists on her blog. I've speculated upon this, and I think it means that her mind must either be very logical (therefore very smart) or very post-it-ty*. I definitely think she's in the former group. I, myself, try to make lists, but nowadays I generally fail miserably while trying to execute the "missions" on them. But you get a kind of continuum from making and reading lists. Which is nice, if you like failing in a logical way.

A calender is, for some people, the only way to truly micromanage chaos into order. Some people are like 1+1=1 with their calender. That is, they in a sense ARE the calender. But, when you don't write in your calender things like "laundry/cleaning day" or "TV time with spouse", you only micromanage part of your life.

I would really benefit from writing things like that in my calender. As it is now, the laundry is managed on a crisis-basis (and my 'sexy' underwear is never cleaned, as it needs to be washed by hand....), the weekly cleaning is just moving the dust-bunnies around, and the dishes are (usually) just one step from becoming a kitchen Armageddon.

In situations like this, you really try to come up with solutions to the problems that just keep piling up, like the ones above. Today, e.g. this happened between me and Micke as we were heading out for the day:

"I think I'm gonna skip today's knit-along at Kerttu."
"Cause I really need to work." and thinking: And because we promised we would clean the house today.
"No, don't."
"But I really don't have time, and besides, I thought you'd be pleased that we'd be able to eat dinner together? And I don't think I have any yarn for the yarn-swapping-thing we're doing today either..."
"But when you cancel stuff you like doing, you become sad, and then I become sad because you're feeling bad."

So, if just trying to micromanage, and still only manage well enough to barely stay afloat on things to do... then I must say that

Managing your life can become hell,
and even turn into other people's hell.

* Post-its are used by people who, while micromanaging, jot down everything on small pieces of paper. Just to be able to remember to DO things. Eventually, the sheer amount of notes is more than you can keep track of. I'm a post-it kind of person. Although I try to not be one.

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Waenthoronien sa...

I guess I write lists because I like to have an overview on things... but you're right, sometimes it seems the result is only failing (big time) in a logical way.

To be honest, I use a calender, too, but not for everyday tasks and cchool work. But if I agree to have lunch with someone the following week, I must write it down in my calender, because otherwise I'm lucky to remember it when I'm just about to do something else at the appointed time.

Linnea "Ea" Grönstrand sa...

It is quite annoying though, this "failing logically", because you both feel that you SHOULD be able to manage things PROPERLY if you write stuff down, and feel a sense of COMPLETION when you do. So why oh WHY (insert lament of choice here) doesn't it work???! That's what's really getting to me. I mean, I personally don't feel any sense of relief if I've done something on a list. Because it's usually the least important thing on that list...

Another of the "evil" things that happen if you spend energy trying to make lists, is that you sometimes wonder "if I didn't make all these lists, maybe I would actually get more things done?"
That's the real evil part...

Linnea "Ea" Grönstrand sa...

Oh, and I must say that


There, it's official.


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