torsdag 27 januari 2011

Using ribbons in crafts

When you wrap up e.g. Christmas presents, and want to turn the packaging even more fancy, you can put one of those pretty bows (that look a little bit like stars) on the wrapping ribbon.

Well, turns out that there is a way to do them that doesn't make you go all berserk after 10 min of trying. Again, it was a trick. It always is.

Again, I was just browsing through peoples updates on Facebook, when I came across this ad on Lankabaari's Fb page:

Clower Bow maker, now only...

I looked at the picture, and then something said "ping!" in my head. Over to YouTube, where I came across this great video:

Again, "ping!" in my head, and a little while later I had cut some stencils out of some leftover soft plastic, that had previously been used for a book cover.

My new stencils.
Don't mind the done bow in the upper right corner,
I'll get to that in a while. But, remember it.
The ingredients.

Half-way done.
I used the smaller stencil for the smaller ribbon.
And, since you already saw the "done" bow,
I just show you here how I put a small fastening needle on the other side.

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