torsdag 20 januari 2011

White tea cozy

The real Queen of the Tea Cosies would be proud, I'm sure, of me being a loyal subject inspired by her. Although my tea cosies are nowhere near her lovely designs.
My (new) white teapot needed a cozy, and I had (finally!) this weekend gotten the yarn I wanted to use. Only thing left was some crocheting

Two for tea, tea for two.
Tea for two by the TV. TV-tea :)
Actually, it's Darjeeling.
Say hello to Miss White.
Oh! She even wants to show her other side.

The pattern I used is found on Ravelry, and the design is by Ella Jensen, and it's called "Short and Stout".
 I had to modify the stitch count slightly, because otherwise it wouldn't have been a tight fit.
The button is one I bought in a pack at a flea market.
1,5 skein of Garnstudio's Drops Paris (white, 16), cost 2,25€/skein.
Crochet hook
5 mm

2 kommentarer:

Anu sa...

Hei, tiesitkö, että Liviltä tulee Neulontakerho-nimistä ohjelmaa, josta saa vinkkejä erilaisiin neuletöihin?

Linnea "Ea" Grönstrand sa...

Joo, olen huomannut :) Vickie Howell'in ohjelma 'Knitty Gritty' jonka suomenkieleinen nimi on
Neulontakerho" tulee pe-sun klo ~17:30. Olen kyllä lukenut hänen kirjaakin, kun sen kerran löysinkin kirjastosta :)


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